Lee Jong Suk
thats it
used to be pinkeubit


       ↳for the anon who said “Onew doesn’t like black girls”

Y’all remember how after this the hating fangirls were saying he was making a joke? Like they said he picked her as standing out bc she is black so of course she stands out. Like WTF when has Lee Jinki aka a real life caring and respectful angel ever been that type of person? To do that is the very opposite of what Jinki is about. I honestly see why idols don’t stray from the run of the mill light skin Asian only answers when asked about ideal types bc a lot of fangirls go nuts when they acknowledge brown or black girls. *also see the bullshit that’s still happening in the comments of the interview Yongguk did where he said a black girl was attractive.

perfect bora is perfect

perfect bora is perfect


first and last words of each regeneration of the new who doctors


perdre haleine x hiphopereditor: joeggphoto: juskoh


perdre haleine x hiphoper

editor: joegg
photo: juskoh


all white sneakers


hyuk for staff f/w

Who says this summer is the last chance you’ll have to swim with him? If you’re serious about swimming, you’ll swim with again someday. Don’t crush your own potential before you even try. That’s probably what Rin would say.


Go into long-range formation, the vanguard is spread out in a semi-circle, but stay withing visual range of one another. Position yourselves at fixed intervals, extrend the recon and message relay range as far as possible.